General information

Artranta Association was founded in 2012 by a group of design enthusiasts in a small town called Karstula in Central Finland. Artranta has worked with a team of top Finnish designers: Aki Choklat, Jonas Hakaniemi and Harri Koskinen, who was born in Karstula. Our vision is that within a few years we will have built the Artranta Design Residence Centre which will be located by a beautiful lake and a forest area in Karstula.

The Artranta Residence will be the first design and architecture residence in Finland. You can get the most inspiring environment for your own projects in Artranta. The beautiful nature with its forests and lakes offers you a calm and peaceful place to work with natural materials and to live in. You may use wood and its by-products, plants, clay, textile, skin and bones of animals etc., all natural and sustainable materials in your design experiments.

In the first stage of the Artranta project we offer designers the possibility to stay in Karstula for 1-3 months. Housing and meals are served in Karstulan Evankelinen Opisto (folk high school in Karstula). There is also an atelier where you can work. We offer a special workstation with wood and metal carving machines and tools including robots; there is even a possibility to get 3D-printouts in Karstula.

Design and architecture residence in Karstula


You can start applying to the residence program right away. The application time at the moment is open for summer and autumn 2016. Send your application with an approximated work schedule and a short description of your project or piece of design work to Artranta ry, Anita Saarelainen, Virastotie 4, 43500 Karstula, Finland.


  • Industrial design
  • Architecture
  • Ceramics and jewelry design
  • Fashion, textile and leather design

Residence conditions

Duration of residencies: 1–3 months

Number of designers at a time: 1–3

Expenses paid by Artranta Association:

  • Housing
  • Study space, atelier and work station
  • Wage for lectures & workshops for entrepreneurs & students
  • Possible presentation of the designer’s work in the exhibition area in Galleria Himmeli, Karstula

What is expected of you

  • Give lectures & run workshops
  • Run workshops with feedback for students and entrepreneurs
  • Presenting a plan of the stay in the residence with a work schedule included

Expenses paid by designer: Travels, food & own work materials

Description of residence

Apartment & Study in the Karstulan Evankelinen Opisto campus. Workshops on the Ropotti Development Center.


  • Workshops with machines and equipment
  • 3D printers
  • Wireless internet connection

Working languages

  • Finnish, English, Swedish, German, Russian, Spanish

How to get to Karstula

By train or by plane from Helsinki to Jyväskylä. The train from Helsinki to Jyväskylä takes about 4 hours. The flight to Jyväskylä takes 35 minutes. The bus from Jyväskylä to Karstula takes around 90 minutes.

By car

The main highways number 4 to Jyväskylä and number 13 to Karstula. The distance is approximately 370 kilometres.